Wrought iron - Merakov Metal

The company “Merakov Metal” Ltd. founded in 1994 is specialised in the manufacturing and installation of wrought iron and other metal products for the exterior and the interior of a variety of buildings.

The “Merakov Metal” facilities are based in Asenovgrad near Plovdiv. The executive team of employees working in the facilities invest all of their diligence and skills for the manufacturing of wrought iron of excellent quality. Manufactured with precision and attention to the detail, tailored according to a client’s project or according to a customized model executed by the company, the metal components and installations differentiate by its uniqueness. The manual shaping and forging of profiles of different sizes turn them into exquisite metal sculptures. The products based on wide range of models satisfy the most pretentious taste of the client. They successfully combine both traditional and contemporary elements.

A guarantee for the precision of the work is the name of the owner - Mr. Todor Merakov.

“Merakov Metal” manufactures and installs the following wrought iron products:
• doors and gates (including motorized)
• grids, fences, ramps and railings, spiral and curved staircases, window grilles
• lightweight metal structures for sheds and pergolas
• furniture and wrought iron accessories - beds, chairs, tables which can be in a combination with other materials such as glass, wood, and marble

The metal products and structures of “Merakov metal” can be spotted all around Bulgaria - hotels located in seaside and ski resorts, banks, office buildings, stores, entertainment venues, private houses, and villas located in Bulgaria, in Europe and North America.

The advantages of the working standards at ‘Merakov metal” include short deadlines, precise execution, excellent quality which is underlying for the competitive prices. The experience of over 20 years on the market gives us the confidence of a leader in this sector.

If you would like to order any wrought iron or other metal product or structure contact us to request an offer from Merakov Metal!